True Blue, A Ben Blue Western, by Lou Bradshaw

In this Ben Blue novel, a group of cowboys under the direction of David Fowler and a person or persons back East are into making land claims illegally and selling the property for profit. U.S. Marshal Ben Blue and his MB Ranch were targeted by the outlaws in the first failed attempt to run the scam in northern New Mexico. Blue drives them off and he notifies the authorities in a nearby county to be on the alert. Via telegrams, Blue learns the story of the West Texas Development Association and he takes out to track them down and bring them to justice.

This is an exciting story of Blue chasing and dealing out justice in his way. The description of the area around and north of Taos is great and just enough of it to keep my interest. Mister Bradshaw does a fine job of telling the story with plenty of action along the way. I give him four-and-a-half stars for his valiant effort and look forward to more of Ben Blue.