A Report to the King of Spain

In 1527 an expedition set from Spain in five ships with 600 men under the leadership of Panfilo Narvaez (Governor) Second in Command was Alnar Cabeza de Vaca, who wrote the report after he returned to Spain in 1537.

After a couple of stops to re-provision. they set off for Cuba, but the wind drove them on past and to the West Coast of Florida. The Governor replenished after the hurricane and the expedition was down to four hundred men and 80 horses on four ships and a brig. They came to anchor in a bay (Sarasota Bay where they saw a village of Indians. Later, after a discussion (argument) to decide who was going to stay with the ships and who was going to searc the land, it was decided that 300 men, including 40 on horseback, should stay ashore and the remainder in the ships look for Panuco, the Largest Christian settlement in Mexico. Of course Panuco was 1,800 miles distant from Florida. A Lieutenant Caravallo was assigned to lead the ships and the Governor went with the men on land.

Well, that’s the basic setup.