Days Without End by Sebastian Barry

I can’t say enough about this novel, Days Without End, by Sebastian Barry. It says on the back cover : “From the two-time Man Booker Prize finalist (Mister) Barry comes a powerful new novel of duty and family set against America’s Indian Wars and Civil War.” That is what it’s about as Thomas McNulty and John Cole, poorest of the poor, join the Army and are sent off to fight the Indians in Wyoming and California. Still young they are mustered out and live as civilians before the Civil War.

The War comes along and they rejoin the Union Army and fight some battles, do time in Andersonville prison, and are set free again. They go to Tennessee to join and help an old Amy buddy bring his tobacco farm back up to par. And there is a surprise or two along the way.

Written in a style like Cormac McCarthy, it is beautifully done in the vernacular or dialect of the narrator, McNulty, the young Irish Boy. Highly entertaining, keeps you turning the page, funny, too. I’ll put this on my Best Books List and give it a five-star rating! Just a great book.