Review of “The Missing Activist” by Louise Burfitt-Dons

The Missing Activist is a fellow named Robin Miller, a young Conservative who makes a report to his leader accusing another Conservative of bullying. A private investigator, Karen Anderson, is put on the case to find him and she has questions about the death of Alesha Parker, also. If that isn’t enough, she is looking into the ISIS bride ring and has her eyes out for Zinah al-Rashid suspected of convincing young English girls to travel to the Middle East to marry the Jihadis.

As Karen works her way through several trails to its conclusion, she is practical and methodological with the assistance of a Detective Quacker and a boyfriend Haruto.

The scene settings are well defined and character descriptions lend to the experience. The plot is modern and set with the Jihad and ISIS attempts to cause death and destruction. I give it four stars, although I had misgivings that it was too long and mostly narrative. I enjoyed reading the novel anyway.