The Daybreakers by Louis L’Amour

The Daybreakers is number three in The Sacketts series. In this one the Sacketts move west to start a new life, hoping to settle on a ranch by rounding up stray cattle. On the way thy run into Jonathan Pritts and his band of lawbreakers and Orin Sackett falls in love with the daughter Laura. Tyrell Sackett finds a Mexican girlfriend, daughter of Senor Torres, one of the land grant owners in New Mexico. She is named Drusilla and it’s love at first sight.. This Pritts has his “Settlement Company” and he plans to take over the land grant and much more.

Of course, the outlaws try to kill Torres and his laborers and the Sacketts are caught between a rock and a hard place figuring it all out and taking action. Orrin runs for Sheriff of Mora and his old friend Tom Sunday also wants the job, another problem to contend with. Orrin wins the office and Sunday turns bitter.

This novel kept me on my toes throughout and wondering which of the Sacketts would survive. I give it five stars for the plot, suspense and excitement.

I recommend it to those of us who think L’Amour is a fine writer.