About Me (Who Else?)

My name is Oscar William Case and I’m older than the dust on the road where I was born (almost).

I’ve been blogging for around five years on Google, but decided to upgrade my site by moving to WordPress and changing the Name of the Blog. I will continue on Google until this one is up and running.

I researched my family genealogy and wrote some non-published books about it before becoming a fiction novelist. Since then (around 1999), I’ve completed eight novels and one short story collection*. The short stories will be published before too long and the novels have been published. A new Western novel will be coming out in the next few months. It’s in the critique stage now and I can see many revisions coming up.

*The short stories have been published on-line one at a time and I’ve put them all in a collection for easier reading.

As my writing life goes, that’s about it. I write whenever I can find time and hope to make a series out of the book I’m working on.