Trouble and Good News

All week I’ve had trouble uploading my short stories what with the interruptions, errands, and other stuff, but finally got it done. It is still too early in the process to take a picture of the cover or I would include it here. I still have to go through the proof copy to make sure it’s what I want and the pricing and distribution channels.

The book will be available from other channels: like Kobo, Nook, etc., if it doesn’t cost too much. That will take me longer to make it available there due to the processing requirements. I like challenges and it might be more than I can undertake. Time will tell.

I’m thinking about sending my next book to a publisher and let them hassle it out. We’ll see.

Launching Soon

Western Stories, A Short Story Collection, will be coming out in the next week or two. The stories are comedic in nature, also satiric, especially Traveling to the Rockies in 1847.  They are great for high school-age students, as well as adults. That means everyone should grab a copy and be entertained for a while, and it may even be free for a time. Hooray! In the meantime enjoy the other blog, Bloggincurly here.

Interview With a Gunfighter by Neil A. Waring

Four-and-a-half questions, not five, because one is something that had already been asked, is the extent of the interview in this short story. I liked the interview, being short and not too complicated for the reporter. With each question, the old gunfighter relives the moment and takes some time to answer.He goes over in his mind the answer, showing his side and what he thought about at the time the event happened before he speaks.

Each reply requires him to think about it and take his time, and at one of the questions he goes outside and ruminates before answering. With the last question, he responds with a quote from Henry David Thoreau, and the interviewer takes her notes and goes back to the office to finish up.

An enjoyable, well written tale this Interview with a Gunfighter, and I look forward to more stories by Mister Waring, a Wyoming resident and writer of both fiction and non-fiction.


Hello world!

Welcome to the Cattle Dust Blog! You will be reading about Western novels, short stories, and other subjects as we move along from one subject to another. I will be looking for your comments, suggestions, and about anything you would like to say about this blog and the world in general as long as it relates to something in the blog.

I write a blog on Google with the title of Bloggincurly. You may have seen it or subscribe to it as a follower. I will maintain that blog for the time being and hope that you continue to follow.

Anyway, welcome to my site!