I think that represents swearing. If not it should. This past week was a lost item. I still haven’t uploaded Western Stories for publication, so the launch has been postponed. Each time I attempt an uploading something happens to the manuscript that wasn’t in it before. The latest was the sections were all changed and the page numbers 10, 20, 30, etc., were anchored, throwing off the numbering. Is this a virus? No, although I had some PUPs invade one program, which were deleted.

This week I will try it again with a new PDF meeting the Standards and converted from Word doc. and see what happens.  I will be forced to start asking questions if it is changed.

Another thing that went awry was signing into WordPress. It wouldn’t accept my password several times. Each time I was assigned a new password, but it just didn’t work. I guess this is computer life. If this gets published, the password worked and the previous blog will be published so the readers will not think I haven’t been inactive completely. .