Robber Barons

Let me get this straight, Jay Gould was one of the coldest, calculatingest, crookedest of the Robber Barons in my opinion. He performed his prestidigitation before, during, and after the Civil War and made tons of money. He bribed Judges, Members of Congress, Bankers, and anyone else who fell for his line in the hopes of making money. Some of them did, I guess. Of course, this wasn’t unlawful at the time, so he had free rein. Gould’s struggle to get the Erie railroad and to corner the market on Gold with Jim Fisk threw the country into a financial crisis in 1869. Mister Gould was born on May 27, 1836, and died December 2, 1892, worth about $100 million. The obituary told how he took over Charles Leupp’s leather business and Charlie shot himself shortly after. Gould received accolades from some and others thought he was a really terrible man.

While Gould was raping the stockbrokers and railroad men, the people in the West were duke-ing it out on the Kansas plains for control of the cattle business, and there is still some of that going on today. A little rustling and fence cutting causes bitterness among the cattlemen and keeps the law busy. And so much for the would-be Barons of today with the stock trading and manipulation that goes on. even with all the regulations the Government has put in place.