Upcoming Arizona Events

Here are some events taking place in Arizona in February 2017:

Jan 28 – Yuma Medjool Date Festival – A great time is had by all in the family in downtown Yuma.

Jan 28-Feb 15 – American Indian Art Exposition, Tucson – Artists from 80 tribes exhibit and sell their works.

Feb 10-12 – Waterfront Fine Art & Wine Festival, Scottsdale – A chance for wine-a-holics to have a good time looking at art and tasting fine juice of the grape.(The waterfront is along a canal in downtown Scottsdale as opposed to an actual waterfront along a seaside. It’s been a long time since the desert was covered with water.)

Feb 10-12 – Gold Rush Days Rodeo, Wickenburg – One of the stellar events in this Wild West. Go to this before you go taste the wines.

Feb 11-12 – Winterfest, Lake Havasu – On your way to the wine fest stop at Lake Havasu and enjoy the Winterfest along the Colorado River.

Feb 17-19 – Lake Havasu City Rockabilly Reunion – Come back the next week after you sober upĀ for great music and stuff.

Feb 18-26 – Head to Tucson for La Fiesta de los Vaqueros – Tucson Rodeo, Tucson. You know, the first State capitol of AZ.

Feb 25-26 – Polish Festival, Phoenix – No, it isn’t the Pawlish Festival, It’s delicious Polish cuisine, etc….

Feb 26 – Silver Lining Riding Showcase and Special Olympics Horse Show – Horse demos and two-horse shows. Ya-hoo!

My head is reeling from all this entertainment.

(Thanks to Highroads MagazineĀ and AAA.)