The Art of Navel Writing

Yep, the title is correct. Most people don’t know it, in fact no one does, but the Art of Navel Writing has been in effect for thousands of years. Some have even called it a technical craft. But looking up crafts on Google was negative for this subject.

It all began with the old fellow, Math-lose=alala, who had nothing but time on his hands. One day, he was out on his back patio relaxing in the early sun when his neighbors yelled at him, causing a ruckus. Shucks, he wasn’t doing anything, but relieving himself and enjoying the quiet of the day. So, he retreated back inside and invented the art of navel writing. Relaxing in his favorite chair he wrote the first version of War and Pieces, a long story of 1181 pages, woops, navels. He had to convince his friends they should join him since he needed more space, but he ended up chiseling it out on the navels of all the Greek statues he could find, a total of two, plus his and his wife’s. He couldn’t write much on her navel because she was ticklish.

Nothing to do, but reduce the length. He renamed it War and cut out half.  He muttered to himself, “This won’t do, because now it’s all in Pieces.”

It’s funny how things work out in the end.

In the end, he looked it up in the Old Greek Dictionary and it read, “It’s ‘novel’, you idiot, N-O-V-E-L.”