Whatchoo doin’?

I’ve been working on taxes. I don’t know why it takes me so long to get ’em done, but it does. Am only about three-quarters the way through, so I should finish up in two or three weeks. I don’t care as long as it beats the deadline.

I’ve also been working on my latest project, which I’ve mentioned before, three or four times probably. The book will be finished in about a month, if everything goes well. I have three or four books laying around that shows me or teaches me how to write a novel and maybe one of these days they will be successful. I have learned a lot over the last ten or so years about writing and I think this next book will be a hit with those who like to read Westerns. The title is “Life of Bobby Chase-the-Lord”, a young Cayuse Indian leaves home to start his own church, but he keeps running into obstacles accidentally that prevents him from completing his mission. I think it is exciting with lots of action, funny, and sad, and will appeal to all lovers of the Wild West.