Avoid My Mistakes

I hope new users of WordPess blog are not having the problems that I seem to have in Cattle Dust. It’s all my own fault that I didn’t read the directions first. Heck, all blogs should be the same, just log on and get with the program, which I did. Wrong way to go about it. FIRST, read the instructions from beginning to end. SECOND, go to it and start blogging. THIRD, GO BACK TO THE INSTRUCTIONS AND READ ‘EM AGAIN. Maybe it’ll work fine and it does for blogging. So I’ve written a few posts and everything went fine.

The next step is to mess with the template and customize it. I’ve been doing that for a while and made a little progress, but not enough, since I don’t see any changes yet. I’m beginning to think I’m a DIMWIT and, Hell, maybe I am.

I’l just keep working on it and when the light bulb lights up, it’ll be a EUREKA-type day. Live and learn someone said way back. The living part is easy, but the learning part comes pretty slow with age and unfamiliarity. That’s my excuse.

AVOID MY MISTAKES and study the directions first, not last!