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Yesterday, I released E=mail Test #2 on the New Releases Newsletter. It is short and sweet(?) and lists some people and websites I have been following the last couple of months or longer. It also lets people know how I spend my time on the PC.

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Last Sunday, Turner Classics had a day of Western movies. I missed most of The Naked Spur with James Stewart but saw a small portion where the Indians were attacking. When I returned, the old master, John Wayne, was starring in Cahill, U. S. Marshal, and I watched most of it. It was entertaining with a little comedy as Big John sees how he went wrong in raising his two sons as a widower. Being gone most of the time, he didn’t know them as well as he thought he did, and they got in trouble. Wayne rescues them and tells them he will do a better job in the future. Lots of action moves the plot along and I stuck to the end and enjoyed it.