Blaze! by Stephen Mertz

J. D. Blaze and wife, Kate, are caught up in a series of crises in this first of a series of eleven books. They find themselves surrounded by Apache Indians and no way out., expecting an all-out attack at any moment. They manage somehow to escape and head for Whiskey Bend. Shucks! All their money was in a couple of saddle bags which were stolen during the fracas and they had to start all over again hiring their guns out for whatever needed to be done. And they move from one gunfight to another over the course of the story.They run into that bitch, Rosa Diablo, and that bandido, Luis Paco. Rosa carves her initials into women she caught before she killed them and Paco was just as bad. Kate and Blaze team up with them and all Hell breaks out.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sexy western and give it four stars. It was fast-paced and an easy read.