Explosion at Donner Pass by Gary McCarthy

This novel is another in the Derby Man series and it is a very exciting one. The Derby Man is hired to catch the saboteurs of the railroad. The bad men are trying to prevent the rails from being laid over Donner Pass to connect to the other half of the intercontinental railroad and it is a dicey project.

Darby Buckingham, the Derby Man, has several narrow escapes in this one as he tracks down the bad guys through thick and thin. Chinese are hired to do most of the work of laying track, building tunnels, and hanging on cliffs to put the road through. On top of the racial problems, the bad guys are doing their best to make sure the job never gets done. It wouldn’t have been completed through the Donner Pass tunnel with the type explosive the builders were using – Dynamite. It wasn’t powerful enough to make much of a dent in the rock. Enter nitroglycerine, and they finished the tunnel before winter prevented it.

Then there was the big explosion of the title, a bridge was blown up and plans had to be reshuffled to accommodate.
Darby had his hands full, but was finally able to overcome the odds.

I really liked this book, the descriptions of the mountains, the people in charge, the Derby Man, the Chinese, everything was terrific, even the action scenes were good.
I give it five stars.